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Friday, April 20, 2012

Terrariums now in store at our Sydney Florist

Terrariums are usually considered a relic of the 1970's or the "retro" decade but terrariums actually began and became popular in the Victorian Era. During this period, explorers and botanists were travelling the colonies collecting all sorts of exotic plant samples and sending them back to the mother country where they were grown in glass containers to reflect their origons and protect them from the cold English winters. From there they developed in popularity becoming a decorative pastime for those entraced by the thought of growing small plants in glass containers. You can now re-visit that romantic era of plant collecting and have your own beautiful terrarium. Botanics Florist Sydney have created a range of terrariums available online or from our Sydney florist studio, these range from small hanging terrariums planted with succulents & petite cake plates with small ferns to large domed jars planted up with "bonsai" plants. A popular terrarium is a decorative jar planted with the "Good Luck Jade", not only looks great but also said to bring good luck to its owner making it a perfect gift to anyone. Another popular terrarium are the jars planted with Venus Fly traps and Pitcher plants, these odities of the plant world are always popular with kids and dad's alike. Take a look at the pics of some we have created so far, keep an eye out for others as they become available.

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