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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


A beautiful double white Tulips we photographed in our Sydney florist studio earlier last year.
We will have this and a curated selection of other flower prints available to purchase from our website soon.
A lovely permanent gift for a special loved one ❤.

The copyright of this image belongs to Botanics Florist Sydney and is not to be reproduced or used without our prior consent.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Terrariums Sydney

Our client commisioned us this week to produce 20 terrariums with the brief " Tasmanian forest floor".
The client will be giving the terrariums to their clients as invitations to a special event in Tasmania.
The terrariums were glass domes planted with various Moss, Club Moss, Ferns and Lichens. The terrariums were complimented by skulls and bones of various small animals.
We've supplied terrariums as centrepieces for corporate events before but never as the invitations. What a great and unique idea!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Event Flowers

We've delivered flowers all sorts of places over Sydney before but never to the 30th level of a construction site.
1of the 2 stage arrangements we supplied for todays event.
Amazing views from an amazing construction.  Sydney is blessed to have such a fantastic development!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Plumeria Pudica "Everlasting Love Frangipani"

Plumeria Pudica commonly called Everlasting Love Frangipani because it flowera continualy throughout the year.
It is an evergreen Frangipani and grows smaller than the average variety. Will reach 2 to 3 metres depending on location.
It is even pruned as a flowering hedge in the tropics.
This one pictured is growing in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tacca chantrieri "Bat Plant"

Wandering through the Royal Botanic Gardens enjoying a beautiful Sydney autumn day I came across, hidden in amongst a group of shrubs, one of the weirdest and collectable plants you can get. Highly prized by gardeners the Bat Plant or Tacca chantrieri is prized for it's unusual purple/black flowers.
It is a relative of the Yam and can be grown outdoors in the tropics and sub tropics.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Oscar Wildes "The Nightingale & The Rose "

Honoured to be with Sydney artist Del Kathryn Barton at the premier of the short animated film of her book Oscar Wildes "The Nightingale & The Rose".
Barton released her book a couple of years ago and has co produced the short animated adaption of her book. The film of course featured her spectacular artwork.
Thanks to Roslyn Oxley9 for the invitation.

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Summer in Sydney is Waterlily Season

Summer in Sydney means it is Waterlily time. Waterlilies are one of the most beautiful summer flowers you can get. Trick to having them last as long as possible is to keep your vase nice and full of water, right to the top if possible. Waterlilies grow in ponds and their flowers float on the water surface,their hollow stems are filled with the pond water right to the flower base. Having your vase full of water will replicate this and increase the vase life of your flowers. Changing the water daily will also help increase vase life.
I couldn't resist taking some home with me. Even the David Noonan Sculpture seems quite taken by them :-)

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