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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Caring for your cut flowers

One of the most often asked questions we get at Botanics Florist Sydney is "how do I care for my flowers". I hope you find the following tips useful.

Upon receiving your delivery of flowers, find a suitable clean vase and fill it to about 2/3 with cold tap water.

Add and disolve the flower preserver that we supply with your flower delivery.

Cut approx 2cm off the base of each flower stem, like humans, when plant stems are cut they start to heal over, re-cutting allows the flower stem to drink more water.

If you can, wash the vase each day with a weak solution of bleach and water and re-fill with freash water, then again re-cut the stems of your flowers before replacing them into the vase.

As flowers finish in the arrangement, take them out and discard them as allowing them to remain will increase bacteria levels in your vase and can effect the life span of the remaining flowers.

If you have liilies in your vase, remove the pollen stamens as the flowers open to avoid the pollen staining your clothes or furniture. If the pollen has dropped then sticky tape is handy to remove the marks.

If you have Hydrangea in your vase, take the flower heads and immmerse them in water for 5 mins every couple of days. On alternate days, if possible, mist the flower heads with water. Tropical flowers such as Orchids enjoy a regular misting of water also.

If your flowers are in an arrangement containing floral foam (green stuff), then all that needs to be done is to top up the water every couple of days. Stick your finger into the foam to check that it is wet.

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