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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Summer Time Fragrant Foliages At Our Sydney Florist

Its definately summer again in Sydney and Botanics Florist Sydney are again using great foliages in our bouquets and arrangements. Last week Botanics Florist Sydney used some lovely Rose Fragranced pelargonium harvested fresh from our Sydney cottage garden and infused it into some gorgeous arrangements and bouquets. This week we will be using variegated Apple Mint (not too much though , its very strong) and also Pineapple Sage. This is from the Saliva family and the foliage smells just like Pineapple. It can be used infused in water to make a refreshing Tea but we have other uses in mind. Coming up this summer we will be using also Lemon scented Geranium, Egyptian Mint, Oregano, Bergamont, Lemon Balm and others all freshly harvested from our cottage garden. These fragrant foliages really work well with flowers that wouldn't normally give a scent, so not only do the lucky recipients of the flowers get to enjoy the beauty of the bouquet, they get to enjoy the fresh summer scent as well!

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