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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Long Lasting Flower Gift From Our Sydney Online Florist

Are you looking to send a flower gift to a freind or family member but want something a little longer lasting than a bouquet or arrangement? Take a look at the Flowering Cyclaman from our Sydney Florist. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion and if cared for correctly, it will flower and provide enjoyment continually for months. We take a beautiful Cyclamen plant and place it into a glass bowl and surround it with lush green moss. It makes a stylish display and is perfect size to sit on a coffee table, a workplace desk or hospital bedside table. as the plant is sitting in a glass vase care needs to be taken not to over water the plant as Cyclamen hate having wet feet. A small amount of water ( 1 cup) once a week should be ample, but this will depend on the environment.

Cyclamen are a bulbous plant and their natural flowering period is winter through to spring. They are mostely sold as an annnual plant but are actually perrenial. In summer the plant becomes dormant and dies back down to its bulb. In summer, place the pot containing the bulb outside underneath a tree and keep it dry. In Autumn bring the pot back in from outside and fertilise it with a high pottasium fertiliser and water weekly