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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Event flowers with a difference

Are you having a dinner party or event and want event flowers that will have that "wow!" reaction and also get your guests talking? Take a look at the flowers Botanics Florist Sydney did for an event. Flowers and foliage that look like coral in a fish tank.... complete with live Goldfish. It really got those "wow" comments and certainly got people talking.... the perfect icebreaker. You can easily replicate this at home in a fish bowl or, if you have a spare fish tank lying around, even better.
You will need :
Fish Bowl vase or fish tank
Flowers and foliage that look like coral
Floral foam
Florist Wire cut into lengths and bent into pins.
A rock that is heavy enough to hold the floral foam down
Goldfish of course
Chlorine Neutraliser

Method : Soak your floral foam, place into the bottom of your fish bowl and hold down with the rock. Arrange your flowers and foliage into the floral foam, hide any remaining visible foam with the Moss and pin into place with the wire. Fill the vase or tank with water slowly. If the Moss is "dirty" then you may have some debris float to the top, scoop this out and let any remaining debris settle to the bottom. Now add your fish, don't forget to add a few drops of chlorine neutraliser to the water before adding the fish otherwise you may have floating fish for your party!
Stand back and admire your work and get ready for all the reaction your flower arrangement is going to get.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Does your florist wetpack? If not why not?

For Botanics Florist Sydney, it's important to us that your flower delivery arrives in as fresh conditon as possible. When sending flowers all over Sydney, it's possible that your flowers could be in transit for up to a couple of hours, this is why we wrap all our Sydney flower deliveries in water before they leave our studio. That way, your precious flowers are never without water and arrive as fresh as they were when they left our studio. Just part of the great service we give our customers.
does your Sydney florist wetpack? If not, why not?

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